The Mercury Club


The Mercury Club became a society in October 2016. It now consists of seven members on our executive and look forward to welcoming many more members to our club. Contrary to the name “The Mercury Club”, we are not exclusive to just Mercury owners. Like our Annual Colchester County Show N’ Shine we are an all inclusive club and welcome anyone with an interest in any type of the automotive industry.

We held our first Show in June 2017 and will continue to hold the Annual Colchester County Show N’ Shine on the 1st weekend of June. Please join The Mercury Club by filling out the membership form.

The Executive:

Riley Works (President) – He has built his own Custom 1937 Rat Rod truck with 4.3 chev V6 and a 9″ Ford Rear end. He’s been into vehicles since childhood under the watchful eye of his father, Brent Works. He likes Fords that are 1948 or older.

Brent Works – Many would recognie him cruisin’ in his ’47 Ford Rat Rod truck that he and his son, Riley Works built together. He brings years of collecting and modifying many makes and models, along with competing in Tractor pulls over the years to our club. His favorite is a ’56 Massey Harris tractor and has a true appreciation for what possibities may lie within a Classic.

Matt Mills – Matt has a love for the square body Chev trucks…well actually just about all Chevy vehicles. His collection includes a 1977 GMC short wheel base 1\2 ton, dropped 4” with a 350 and automatic transmission. He also has in the works ’67 Chevelle.

Jesse Johnson – Jesse is known for his thinking outside of the box. He does auto body and painting by trade and does mechanical as well. He likes to build what pops into his head at night, draws it out and from there it takes on a life of it’s own. There are no real limits to his interest vehicles, but says he does sway slightly to the tuner\import side of things. If he’s not modifying a vehicle you may catch him building some furniture out of spare parts.

Wendy McCallum – Wendy gravitates to Square Body Trucks (Lifted, Lowered, or Muddy), and Chevy Muscle gets her attention everytime. Her favorite being a ’69 Camaro SS. She may not be able to name every type of vehicle, but she knows what she likes when she sees it. Wendy is one of our major sponsors as owner of JET Cresting & Promotions and handles our day to day Marketing, Promotions and Public Relations in The Mercury Club.